E-SLA in Connection with VerbaAlpina and Other Geolinguistic Projects


Slovenian Linguistic Atlas (SLA) is a long-term Slovenian dialectological and geolinguistic project established in 1934. The first two volumes were published in 2011 (SLA 1 – Man) and 2016 (SLA 2 – Farm), whereas the next volume is going to be published in 2020 (farming tasks and tools, alpine meadow, shepherd etc.). SLA 1 and SLA 2 have also been published as e-publications, i.e. in HTML format on www.fran.si (dictionary portal of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language) and as pdf files on http://sla.zrc-sazu.si/#v.

The main goal of the new ongoing project e-SLA is to establish an interactive linguistic atlas with the database suitable for long-term preservation of data, that are useful also for other geolinguistic projects (smaller/regional as well as bigger – international and multilingual ones). One of the most important partial goals of the research is to connect geolinguistic research on the Slovenian language with research on similar topics in other languages of the Alpine region, e.g. the cooperation with the international project VerbaAlpina. The experience gained through collaboration in this international project (presentation of the material, collection of material through crowdsourcing, making connections with findings from related disciplines) will be valuable for the development of the e-SLA. The completed project, on the other hand, will enable incorporation of Slovenian dialect lexicon into this international geolinguistic project and thus enrich it.

Interoperability of research data, collected or generated by individual projects, could be gained by:

– common transcription system (national transcription systems should be translated into IPA),

– common database for long-term preservation of data accessible to all project partners who are willing to contribute their material,

– common e-maps accessible to all project partners,

– common guidelines about display of dialect data on the maps (symbols, words, lines, polygons),

– common program tools for mapping dialect material.

Practical experience and visions in dealing with these issues will be presented by the SLA map and its database for the question V455 alpine meadow (Germ. die Alm, Slov. planina), the OLA map and its database for the question F 2477 wind from the sea (Germ. borawind, Slov. burja) (see: http://ola.zrc-sazu.si/OLB15ENG-uvod.htm) and the ALE map and its database for the question 340 potato (Germ. Grundbirne, Erdapfel, Kartoffel, Slov. krompir) (see: https://www.lingv.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=81&Itemid=107), which will be compared with the map of Slovenian dialect geographical names in the Alpine area and its database of proper names collected in the project FLU-LED (see: http://www.flurnamen.at/en/startseite-en).