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We initiated the 5-year project in the fall of 2019, just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic precipitated an abrupt halt of the collection of dialectal data, prompting us to swiftly adapt to a remote data collection framework. Subsequently, data collection concluded at the close of 2021, thereby enabling us to embark on earnest publication endeavors with the acquired dataset. Our objectives encompassed a comprehensive dissemination of written outputs across diverse scholarly journals such as „Language Variation and Change,“ „Frontiers,“ and conference proceedings. Moreover, we sought active participation in conferences through the submission of research papers and poster presentations. Throughout this endeavor, we maintained continuous contact with media outlets, keen on disseminating our preliminary findings, which, in turn, materialized as radio, television, and newspaper interviews. Presently, we are collaborating with the Zurich-based Tagesanzeiger for a dialect quiz and a forthcoming news feature, enabling us to extend our reach to a broader audience. Towards the conclusion of 2024, we anticipate the publication of a new dialect atlas, serving as the culmination of this project, accompanied by a smartphone application. Both the written atlas and the app will serve as complementary tools, offering insights into dialectal variation and change to both experts and the general public. In terms of dataset publication, we currently employ OSF to share specific datasets in association with respective research papers, while the atlas dataset will be made available as accompanying .csv files upon its publication.

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