Publish or Perish: Some feedback from the Linguistic Crescent


The Gallo-Romance varieties of the Linguistic Crescent, spoken in Central France, are now on the brink of extinction. Most speakers are above 75 years old and it is high time to collect primary data in order to save from oblivion these precious vernaculars, which simultaneously display Occitan, Oilic and – to a lesser degree – Francoprovençal features. This is what our team, assembled around several scientific projects, has been doing during the last decade, both gathering data and publishing analyses thereof. However, the meaning of such efforts also depends on its transmission. What will happen to these data and publications in the future and how can we try to make this work, if not perennial, at least available for as long as possible? This talk will endeavor to both contextualize and answer that question.

In a first part, I will give some elements about the varieties of the Linguistic Crescent, introducing their main typological and sociological characteristics. In a second part, I will make a brief state-of-the-art of research concerning these varieties and detail the different types of actions developed by the various scientific projects devoted to these varieties in which I have been involved since 2013. In a third part, I will deal with the question of the middle- and long-term transmission of the scientific material my team and I were able to compile and produce and of the supports (on-line databases, books, reusable data…) used for that purpose.


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